We are Crowdfunding!!

Bender Defenders has been running for 3 years now.

Since then, we have trained over 40 people per week; we had to cap our numbers because so many kept turning up: there is a growing demand for our training. Our amazing trainers want to go more full-time, so we need your help! We are not interested in getting sponsorship from any corporation that exploits their workers or land (see Nike or Adidas), and we will not accept donations from them.

Our classes are not just about self defence: they are mainly about joy, community building and providing a space where queer people can release burdens and anxiety through movements. We make sure that trans-feminine people in particular have access to our spaces as a response to the hostile movement to exclude them from competitive sports.

We hope to raise £12,000 to support our trainers to hold a year’s worth of regular training for cheap prices for our community so they are accessible for all. We have raised 1/2 of the £££ so far! Please help us to keep going!


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