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Inspired by the immortal actions of our patron saints Ash Kaur (part of the first Benders lesbian Muslim couple along with Iqra)standing up to homophobes here at min. 6.20 and Patron Saint Phil Mitchell after punching homophobic Jonny Highway and his ‘disgusting muck-loving faggot’ abuse WE ARE PROUD TO LAUNCH  BENDER DEFENDERS Needs You! – A new street defence movement confronting rising hate crime. In London we are witnessing more attacks AND WE AIN’T GONNA STAND FOR IT.  Wear the jackets, take to the streets. Fight back. Sign up to our public facebook page ‘BECOME A BENDER DEFENDER’ here. Contact us at to register interest. 

Would you like to pre-order one of the first 100 jackets (£60 each)? Send us your design request – either Ash or Phil – and size to – they come in burgundy, petrol blue, green and black and in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large

Do you work in media, fashion, entertainment, venues, music and would like some BENDER DEFENDER product placement? Then send your order request to

Do you work in the nightclub industry, music and events? Then send your order request to

Are you a lawyer who can provide legal support to our growing BENDER DEFENDERS network? Then email

Would you like to be trained up as part of the BENDER DEFENDER stop-hate-crime street network on buses and outside of bars? Then email

Are you a mum who wants to defend your queer child? Then join the BENDER DEFENDER MUMS WING by emailing

Watch this space for the announcement of the Bender Defender training programme.

Are you a fascist, bigot or homophobe? Then you can F*CK OFF.

Ash design by the brilliant Miss Bad Child at and Phil design by the great Mark Glasgow at

Printing through ‘No Sweat(shop)’ clothing at