Bender Defenders Merchandise

Would you like to pre-order a jacket (£60 each)? Send us your design request – either Ash, Pat or Phil – and size to – they come in burgundy, petrol blue, green and black and in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large.

Why Phil, Ash and Pat? Because we are inspired by the immortal actions of our patron saints:

Do you work in media, fashion, entertainment, venues, music and would like some BENDER DEFENDER product placement? Then send your order request to

Do you work in the nightclub industry, music and events? Then send your order request to

Are you a fascist, bigot or homophobe? Then you can F*CK OFF.

Ash design by the brilliant Miss Bad Child at and Phil design by the great Mark Glasgow at

Printing through ‘No Sweat(shop)’ clothing at

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